Ioanna Lin was born in the South of China. She lives and works in Greece . She studied Drawing and Art History at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and was a Lecturer at Guangdong Baiyun University. Initially, her works focused on traditional Chinese painting, while she was involved with modern Chinese Calligraphy and contemporary painting with various traditional techniques like paper ink, watercolour, and modern techniques using a variety of materials.

Selected Exhibitions
China meets Greece.  Pallas Athena, Athens. Greece (solo show)
The beauty of ink.  Melavuthros art space. Athens. Greece (solo show)
Small world, big fun. European Center Contemporary Space Athens. Greece. (solo show)
Greece, China, Greece.   Art  Prisma  gallery, Athens, Greece
Asian inspiration . New york art collection, New york. USA
Greek colour. STOart space. Athens. Greece
Remembrance ,Oblivion, Writing. Epigraphic museum. Athens, Greece
Living and painting in the museum. Archaeological Museum of Serres. Greece
Human excellence,SG art gallery,Athens Greece (solo show)
Meditation of Dao,Ziller’s art space.Athens,Greece

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