Ioanna Lin was born in the South of China. She lives and works in Greece . She studied Drawing and Art History ,She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts . Initially, her works focused on Chinese painting techniques, while she is involved with modern Chinese Calligraphy and contemporary painting with various traditional techniques like paper ink, watercolor, and modern techniques using a variety of materials. She created a series of portraits and landscape paintings. She is also experimenting with comprehensive creation of various materials, such as three-dimensional and installation works.

Selected Exhibitions

⦊ 2022
⦁  People’s War, war’s people, Alienation Museum, Antikyra, Greece.
⦁ Backtoathens9-2022 Athens International Festival, “Curiosity is the beginning of wisdom”, Athens, Greece.
⦁ China-Greece Young Artists Exchange Exhibition,Hellenic Cultural Foundation,Athens, Greece.
⦊ 2021
⦁ Back to athens2021,international arts festival.elephant in the room. Isaiah mansion.Athens,Greece.
⦁ 200 Years Spirit of Blue and White. Bouboulina Museum.Spetses.Greece
⦁ 200 Years Spirit of Blue and White. the cultural center of the Municipality of Megisti. Kastellorizo.Greece
⦊ 2020
⦁ Out of the Cube and Into the Green. Phoenix Athens gallery, Athens, Greece.
⦁ Happy Accidents, Christmas show. Phoenix Athens gallery, Athens, Greece.
⦁ Artens Festival 2020, Artens art and cultural center, Athens, Greece,
⦊ 2019
⦁ Meditation of Dao. Ziller’s art space, Athens, Greece.
⦁ The nine Muses . Rumah Indonesia cultural centre, Athens, Greece.
⦊ 2018
⦁ Remembrance,Oblivion, Writing. Epigraphic museum. Athens, Greece
⦁ Living and painting in the museum. Archaeological Museum of Serres. Greece
⦁ Human excellence, SG art gallery, Athens, Greece. (solo show)
⦊ 2017
⦁ Asian inspiration . New york art collection, New york. USA
⦁ Greek colour. STOart space. Athens. Greece
⦊ 2016
⦁ The beauty of ink.  Melavuthros art space. Athens. Greece (solo show)
⦁ Small world, big fun. European Center Contemporary Space Athens. Greece. (solo show)
⦁ Greece, China, Greece.   Art  Prisma  gallery, Athens, Greece
⦊ 2015
⦁ China meets Greece.  Pallas Athena, Athens. Greece (solo show)

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