the portraits of human excellence.

I seldom drew portraits before, because at times it was difficult to face the eyes of others, as at times I find it difficult to face myself. The human eye can deliver all sorts of messages, and when it is sad, it gushes tears; when it rages, it resembles the black hole of the universe, devouring you. Man is a very complicated and advanced creature.
The more fear you experience, the more you have to face it. Life is so wonderful when your head is filled, and your surroundings are changing rapidly. Life is wrapped by all kinds of relationships and this is called fate. Until I was awakened by fate, I had to face the meaning of life. In my reviews of legends in countless documentaries I have searched for a healing painkiller, but found none. Legends are fortunate enough to bring their talents and potentials to reality in their lifetime, occupying a place in their own world. However, many times the destiny of most of them is comparable to a tragedy. Their talents make them darlings of the age, surrounded by a variety of admired aura. They cannot change the color of destiny, whether they suffer from the pain created by their families, the tragedy of being infringed upon from childhood, or the abandonment, the betrayal, or the melancholy of their own self. These guide the direction of life.
I paint their portraits, not because they are celebrities, and also, not for idolatry.
I want to express the shackles of life, the situation of the spirit, and the struggles of souls. These people were living vividly in this era. They have expanded the diversified development of culture and led the aesthetic orientation of an era. They have their own emotions, they are puzzles, full of sorrows and emptiness, they are simply portraits of this society. Their portraits are a mirror of the spirit of the times. Personal suffering is no longer a feature, but a commonality, motivated by this fast-growing society. The more civilized progress, the higher the index of human happiness? I do not think that this is the case. People who are melancholy in this era have spread like a rapid epidemic.
Human beings are the greatest creation of God. They possess a super-intelligent mind. They have created the advancement of civilization, however, they are always looking for the answers to life. They have free will, unrestrained, but they also tend to be like lost lambs.
Human beings are the existence of senior life; portraiture, is the picture of the era. Socrates believes, “to know yourself”. I would like to say, “to know the Creator of your life”.
–ioanna lin

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